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Police Suspension Notice VIC

Police officers in Victoria have the authority to immediately suspend the driver's license or permit of violators.

Under the Road Safety Act of 1986 if a person is charged by a police officer for offenses involving alcohol or drugs while driving and after filing of the charge sheet and duly informing the accused of the particulars therein, the police officer or an officer of the Corporation can give to the accused a notice that his driver's license or permit is immediately suspended.

After receiving such notice, the accused is required to immediately turn over his license or permit to the issuer of the notice. The suspension remains until lifted. The accused must appeal the suspension to the Magistrates' Court.

The court will re-determine the grounds for cancellation and will hear evidence that the accused may present in his defence. Hence, in order for the suspension to be lifted the accused must be able to prove to the court that the suspension was unjust or irregular.

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