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Driving Whilst Disqualified VIC

A person commits the offence of driving while disqualified or cancelled if he or she drives during a period in which he or she has been disqualified from obtaining a driver’s licence or permit. Many repeat offenders receive prison sentences or an alternative to a full time sentence such as periodic detention or a suspended prison sentence.

Penalties if you are found guilty

Penalties for driving whilst suspended s.30 Road Safety Act 1986

First offence: Up to $4000 fine, or up to 4 months imprisonment.

Second or subsequent offence: Up to $27,000 fine, or up to 24 months imprisonment.

Typical outcomes for a first offence is a conviction and fine of about $1000 and 1 to 6 months additional licence suspension - I have seen people get 12 months extra when poorly represented, although it is possible to avoid any extra licence loss period.

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