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Can Your Victoria Driver Licence Be Suspended For Failing to Pay a Fine?

Here are some suggestions to help you deal with a licence suspension if you forgot to pay a fine

Failing to pay fines is a common reason for driver licences to be suspended in Victoria. This article will help you understand what you need to do if your licence is suspended for non-payment of a fine.

Infraction Notices

If you receive an infraction notice for speeding or violating any other traffic regulation, you must either contest the violation or pay the penalty indicated on the notice. The notice will give you information about going to Infringements Court if you want to challenge the accusation or if you are hoping for a reduced penalty. The notice will also give you a due date for payment if you choose not to contest the ticket.

If you do nothing, you will be given a reminder notice. The reminder notice will give you another opportunity to pay, although you will be charged an additional sum for your delayed payment. If you continue to ignore the fine, the Infringements Court will enter an enforcement order. You can still pay the fine at that point, but another additional penalty will be added due to your delay.

If you do not pay within the time specified in the enforcement order, the Infringements Court will enter an infringement warrant.

Infringement Warrants

An infringement warrant authorizes the sheriff to take a number of actions to collect the outstanding fine, including: 

  • Suspension of your driver licence
  • Suspension of your vehicle registrations
  • Blocking renewal of your vehicle registrations
  • Wheel clamping
  • Seizing and selling your property
  • Arresting you
  • Arrest is a last resort. Most people pay their fines before that happens.

How to Avoid a Suspension

You will be given notice when an infringement warrant is issued. You then have 7 days to clear the warrant by paying the fine plus the late payment penalties you have accumulated. If you do that, your driver licence will not be suspended.

How to Have a Suspension Lifted

If you do not pay the fine within 7 days after you are notified of the infringement warrant, the sheriff can instruct VicRoads to suspend your driver licence. If that happens, you cannot legally drive until the suspension is lifted.To have the suspension lifted, you will need to do one of the following:

pay the fine and all accumulated late payment penalties;

  • ask the Infringements Court for a payment order; or
  • persuade the Infringements Court to revoke the enforcement order.

Payment orders let you pay the fine in installments. They are not issued automatically. The Infringements Court can give you an application for a payment order.

Revocation of the enforcement order will probably occur only if the order was entered by mistake. A lawyer can help you decide whether you have grounds for seeking revocation of an enforcement order.

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