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Mid-Range Drink Driving VIC

Based on the provisions on drink driving and infringement notices in the Road Safety Act, a blood alcohol concentration of 0.07 to less than 0.15 would fall as mid-range drink driving.

Irrespective of the license of the driver, the imposition of fines is imposed depending on the level of the BAC. Also reliant on the BAC is the period to be imposed for the cancellation of license which would range between six to fourteen months.

There are a number of defenses the accused could raise before the court to prevent the imposition of fines or at the very least get a lower penalty. The accused may question the accuracy of the BAC reading. This is quite a difficult type of defence because the alcoholmeters used by the authorities are almost always accurate.

However, a person is penalized for having an excess limit of alcohol while driving. So, it is important that what is reflected on the BAC reading is the driver's BAC while driving. A defense lawyer may be able to prove otherwise.

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